The Game

   Artifex Dei is a revolutionary, open-world, tower defense RPG. You begin the game as a simple carpenter who soon finds out that there's an undead invasion on the horizon. With no where else to turn, and a limited militia, the city looks to you to design and build automated defenses to slay the invaders.

   As you probe around, you'll discover ancient tomes which teach deadly melee techniques, and spectacular magic spells. Learning and mastering these abilities will become critical to successfully defending the city. With 26 abilities in total, you can create a skill loadout that fits your playstyle.

   Once you've become a talented fighter, you can explore the world outside the castle walls, in any order you wish. There you will find hidden blueprints which unlock new, powerful towers, as well as the materials to build them. You will need to scour the surface for fallen trees, and the underground for ore deposits. As you learn new tower designs, you'll require larger quantities of higher quality materials.

   Deep underground, there are creatures who will try to harm you. They guard treasure chests full of armor, weapons, blueprints, materials, and gold. There are over 100 dungeons in total, scattered throughout the world. Be wary, you never know what lies below the next hole. You may stumble upon a Giant Spider, who will most assuredly be faster, and more powerful than you.

   As you equip yourself with better gear, and more materials, you will have to focus on the main task; to preserve your city! Follow the paths outward from the center of the castle, and build towers along the way to prevent the undead takeover. They will send several waves of enemies at your gates each night, and you will need a clever combination of the 45 unique tower types to stop them.

   Construct a few Crossbow Towers to deal some initial damage, but dont forget to place a Frostbite Tower to slow the hoard with ice shards. As your Crossbows clean up crippled skeletons, be sure to place a Combustion Tower to launch flaming arrows at enemies carrying explosives toward your gates. They are extremely fast, and lethal to your defenses.

   Combine your towers in unique ways by customizing their targeting priorities. As they rank up, you will unlock additional ways to target enemies, such as "Highest Hitpoints," "Fastest Enemy," and "Clustered Enemies." The strategic Sandbag Tower, which will never take an enemy below 1 hitpoint, would synergize well with the Pandemic Tower set to attack enemies with the "Lowest Hitpoints." As the Pandemic Tower accumulates kills, it spreads disease to adjacent enemies, resulting in an undead slaughter.

   Your Mortar Tower would likely appreciate the ability to deal splash damage to "Clustered Enemies" as well.

   Finally, after a long night of undead slaying, head back to town to rest around the campfire. Sell your loot to the folks in the market, stock up on potions, and track your progress through a myriad of achievements. As you accumulate accomplishments, you will unlock new Titles and Skins for your character.

   Sound exciting? Get ready, because Artifex Dei is going to take Tower Defense to the next level.

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The Team



Project Lead, Developer

Age: 24

"I've been playing video games of all shapes and sizes since I was five. My first experience in the Tower Defense genre was back in Warcraft III, and I've been obsessed with it ever since.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and picked up Game Development along the way. After entering the Stony Brook University Game Programming competition, and placing first two consecutive times, I knew I had to make something awesome.

My inspiration for Artifex Dei came from the current formula for Tower Defense games. I would meticulously build my defenses for a certain level, and it would end, clearing all of my hard work. Starting from scratch and planning the same strategy for each level is no fun. So I asked, 'Why don't we make one persistent open world, and see where that goes?'

Every tower you place is permanent, and every decision you make could impact your gameplay several hours from that point.

I've always loved taking two existing genres, and melting them together. Open world RPGs are awesome, which is why we're taking the Tower Defense genre, and turning it on it's head with Artifex Dei..."



Art and Animation

Age: 25

"Anything from fine art and nature to old school video games and cartoons influenced my art growing up. As a result, my career's roots lie within the realm of traditional painting and illustration.

In recent years however I've focused my efforts towards digital media and design, and have since found my passion in video game art.

The Genesis/SNES era of games completely captured my imagination as a kid and ever since I've held onto the dream of one day being able to contribute something great to video games."